Targeted "third-party" and other types of reviews for clients, developers, underwriters, investors and owners of critical design and construction components of a proposed project to facilitate qualitative decisions. Specialization in new facilities planning and programming, as well as assessments of existing building types such as industrial mills, historic houses, commercial properties, cultural landscapes and historic districts.

Mansfield Memorial Town Hall

Under the provisions of our On-Call Architectural & Engineering Design Services Contract with the Town of Mansfield, TBA is currently engaged in a multi-phase restoration of the historic Victorian Gothic envelope for Soldier's Memorial Hall. The restoration effort includes roof replacement, wood shingle siding replacement, window repair and rebuild, door restoration and replacement, and preservation of ornamental cut shingles and trims.


Master plans, assessments and studies

Site Reviews and Fitment studies

Zoning and other compliances

Building Programs and Spatial Analysis

Cost Benefit studies and constuction value

Feasibility studies

Design Conceptualization

Community Revitalization plans

Cultural Diversity Inclusion strategies

Heritage Tourism plans and studies

Marketing heritage studies

Due diligence reports

Design guidelines

Historic Resources Surveys of sites and districts